enfrentamientos directos (football)

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  1. ernest_

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    Catalan, Spain
    How do you say in English the set of games in which two or more teams play against each other -as opposed to the games where they play against somebody else?
    In Spanish, we would say "enfrentamientos directos", but in English? The best I can come up with is "direct clashes". Any suggestion?
  2. fenixpollo

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    The concept is not clear to me. Why is this a "set of games"? Is it part of a tournament or league play? Please, describe the situation so that we can help you find an equivalent phrase in English.

  3. ernest_

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    Catalan, Spain
    For instance, let's suppose there's a league with 20 teams, each team play against each other twice, that is in total there are 380 games. However, you may be interested only in a subset of those games. For example, typically, in Spain, if three teams finish with the same points, in order to determine the final ranking there's a procedure that involves calculating the points obtained in the matches between the teams involved in the tie. These are the matches I was referring to. I hope it's clearer now.
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    Yes, it is. In England, we could say "head-to-heads between these three". (We don't have this system here, but we know it is used in some countries.)
  5. ernest_

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    Catalan, Spain
    Sound. Thank you.

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