engage a book


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français France
il s'agit de lecteurs dont l'auteur parle
il dit qu'il a rencontré, pour son livre, un excellent public
et que les lecteurs "engaged my book very thoughtfully"
merci d'éclairer ma lanterne
  • asperge-platane

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    français France
    bien sûr, voilà....

    these two groups proved an excellent audience for the book. Indeed they engaged it much more thoughtfully than the others readers


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    Maybe there's a "in" missing? "They engaged in it etc..."? (ils s'y sont engagés, immergés)
    Otherwise it doesn't makes sense to me.
    Let's wait for an English native!


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    English UK
    It should be "engaged with it", does the French engager avec (WR dictionary) not mean the same ?

    Ah, I see. s'engager à then ? I do think 'with' rather than 'in' which would be for an activity - eg engage in furniture restoration.
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