engage (with) consumers

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As fitting rooms turn virtual, eCommerce turns to personalization, and AR lives somewhere in the mix, we’re all trying to integrate solutions into our retail environment that will better engage consumers, increase conversions, and reduce returns. After all, we’re here to drive a business, and that means satisfying consumers and driving profits.

Forget Returns Reduction, it’s Time for Returns Prevention (i.e. the Ideal Model)

In the retail industry, what is the difference between “engage consumers” and “engage with consumers”? Are they interchangeable in my quote?
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    Are they interchangeable in my quote?
    Engage transitive = to involve someone/something; to cause someone/something to interact. They engaged the public by starting a prize draw system.
    Engage - intransitive = to join with someone/something in an activity - They engaged with the public to reduce waste.
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