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Hi! Could someone help me with this one, please? Here's the sentence on this book i'm translating:

"It's like that scene in Top Gun when the guy who replaces Goose is telling Tom Cruise, 'Engage, Maverick! Engage, Maverick!' But Maverick kept saying, 'It's not right, it's not right.' He didn't engage until he was ready, and i'm not going to fight until she calms down."

I know "engage" has lots of different meanings, but in this one particullary i'm not sure of what it means... Is he defying Maverick for a fight? Or is it something else?

Sorry my rusty english :eek:
  • Kelly B

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    USA English
    He meant that he should join the fight and get the enemy into his gunsight, if I remember correctly.


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    English, USA (texas)
    Yah. The word "engage" is used like that most often when people say "engage in combat" so I assume in a situation like that "engage" would be to fight. It sounds more interesting or esoteric.
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