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Perteneciente a una familia muy vinculada al mundo del caballo,
X comienza a enganchar y montar desde edad muy temprana,​
convirtiéndose poco a poco en una cochera destacada.

From a family closely linked to the equestrian world, X began harnessing and riding from a very early age, gradually becoming a notable carriage driver.

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    Hi, I just stumbled upon this and see no one had responded.

    I ride horses (polo, specifically) in Argentina, and I know they use enganchar to describe someone becoming involved/hooked in the horse community. Example: Vine a jugar polo una vez con ustedes y me re enganché! or Se enganchó muy joven andar caballo.

    As for cochera I have only heard it used for car parks.

    Hope that helps someone-- I realize it is about four months late for you, Rose!
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