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I would like to ask if it is correct to use the expression engineering approaches to tackle in the following:
She has a deep understanding of the engineering approaches to tackle fluid mechanics related problems involved in petroleum engineering applications (and applicable to drilling fluid challenges).
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    I think you should avoid "tackle" in this language and replace it with something less figurative and dramatic. "Solve" comes to mind if she knows how to solve fluid mechanics problems.

    Étoile du Nord

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    Hi felixxxx,

    I have no engineering background, though I found a sentence where the term, 'engineering approach to' is used in English. It is from an American design website and I will include it here for you:

    'Best-in-class companies are taking a Systems Engineering approach to address complexity and develop superior products.'

    In the sentence you have asked about, I wonder if including the word 'used' would help: 'She has a deep understanding of the engineering approaches used to tackle fluid mechanics related problems...'. I also thought that the words techniques, methods or procedures could also be used in place of approaches in this sentence.

    Perhaps there is a member with design or engineering training who could elaborate on what would work best.
    All the best.
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