English/Arabic health glossary?


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Hello Everybody,

I am trying to compile a good health glossary (English/Arabic) for medical and health related terms that are currently
use in the health system, especially for ante-natal and postnatal care (pregnancy, breastfeeding, vaccinations, care of newborn, diseases of newborn or pregnant mothers..). Any idea where i can find on the web
some useful ones?

Thank you for your help,

  • Hi Manmoon, :)

    Please read the sticky to learn how this forum works. This is a place where glossaries are compiled by our members. It's beyond the scope of the forum to request links to other glossaries.

    If you have already started, you can convert your work to Excel and publish it here. Other members will may add more Arabic entries and also other languages. :)

    Hello Jana,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have just started compiling my health glossary and I will post it once i made some progress.

    I am in the proccess of checking what references/glossaries are available on the net. I was wondering whether you know of any relevant glossaries published by members on the WordReference? If yes, any idea where can I look for them on the website?

    Thank you for your help,