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I noticed that recently noun + noun are being joined together to have a new meaning instead of the good old ajective + noun.

Eg, 1. Power couples Vs Powerful couples
2. Climate change vs Climatic change.

Please do they have exactly the same meanings?

  • DonnyB

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    I can't say I've come across the expression "power couples" so I'm not really in a position to comment on that one. But I'd say there's no significant difference in meaning between the two climate ones.


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    Please could you clarify your question? There's nothing recent about using nouns to modify nouns. Book-worm has been around since 1600, and the OED has this fine example from 1387
    He hadde a candle stikke i-made by craft of honde so þat þe oyle schulde renne.
    We also expect just one question in a thread, and complete sentences including the word or phrase you are asking about.

    Andygc, moderator.
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