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Hi you all!

Well, I was happily studying English, when, out of the blue, I stumbled across the following question. Not to use an euphemism, I have to tell you all that I cannot neither figure a solution out nor justify my chosen answer, though I had a glimpse of the answer, once I couldn't help myself. Could you guys give me a hand, pls?

Here are the nerve-wracking question:

1) The purpose of a labor union is to improve the working conditions, ____________________, and pay of its members.
a) job security
b) the job's security

P.S.: It was pretty easy, wasn't it? Well, I have omitted two choices, which were definitely not the right answer. By the way, the right one for this exercise is letter a, but I don't really know why.

I actually have a couple of more doubts to be solve, yet I forgot to write them dow. Anyway, thanks for taking some time to read this and help me out.
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    "Job security" refers to a person being secure in having a job; that is, the person can be confident that he will not lose his job.

    "The job's security" would mean, if it meant anything, some type of security that is owned by the job. It doesn't really make sense in English.

    PS: We spell out words like "please" here; chatspeak is frowned upon by the moderators.
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