English grammatical problem.

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shawon alam

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Dear sir or mam,

I am a student of 9th grade. I am not good at english. I am trying to learn this language. Yesterday in my English class, my teacher gave me 3 sentences those were

(1) Ladies and gentlemen presenting you......

(2) A busy and crowded station, full of people trying to go somewhere.

(3) Hogwart station is covered in thick white steam pouring from the Hogwarts express.

and asked few questions..

Q. for no.1 sentence ---> " without having a subject and an auxiliary verb how can the main very "present" become a progressive form "presenting" ? Is it a Gerund or Participle or anything else , prove with an example?

Q. for no. 2 & 3 sentence ---> " how can "try" & "pour" become "trying" and "pouring"?

I have studied a few grammars book and found the answer for sentences 2/3 might be " participle" (not sure) , but i am still finding the answer for Question no. 1.

Please help me....
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