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Hi everyone !

Could anybody help me translate this sentence ?

Edward IV ordered that "...besides the Kynges carrage and proviscians, proviscian be made for carrige of carts aboute Newcastell as shall move thereine such of the Kings host as will by them and also other carts to the number of Vc [500] goyng after the host with vitaill".

I thank you for your suggestions !

  • Chris' Spokesperson

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    English - Ireland
    I can translate/explain it into modern English for you:

    "...besides the King's carriage and provisions (read: stuff), provision should also be made for the transport around Newcastle of carts making up other sections of the King's party (host can still be used today) who may be travelling through the city at will and also other carts numbering up to roughly 500, following the King's party with essential items (ie food, water etc)."
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