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  1. Riveritos Senior Member

    Hello: could anybody tell me what's the correct spelling of the word enhancer in Turkish, I've found both when googling:
    arttırıcı and artırıcı.

    I need to write that Monosodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer and don't know if it's a "aroma artırıcı" or a "aroma arttırıcı"
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Phosphorus Senior Member

    I am not conversed with Ottoman Turkish, I only speak Azerbaijani Turkish, but as far as my mind goes both, arttırıcı and artırıcı are variants and must be comprehensible to the native Turkish speaker. If I am not mistaken they both come from the verbal root "artırmak" in sense of "add up"-this fact may stay in favor of "artırıcı".
  3. ecdadihifzeylerdi Member


    I always thought the verb was arttırmak, therefore I would say arttırıcı. However according to TDK both arttırmak and artırmak are correct.
  4. Phosphorus Senior Member

    Hi ecdadihifzeylerdi,

    Well apparently "arttırmak" might be the older form, which its verbal root "arttır-" is also attested in some Central Asian Turkic speeches, but "artırmak" is the modern form-simplified one. I do not know whether "artık" is related to this root or not but in Azerbaijani they seemingly use both kinds: "artıq" and "attıq", however the first one is pretty much common.
  5. Guner

    Guner Senior Member

    In modern Turkish we do use "artık" and "atık" as well (not interchangably though). And they don't mean the same. As far as I know one is stemming from "atmak" the other is from "artırmak".
  6. Phosphorus Senior Member

    I see. In Azerbaijani "attıq" is just a colloquial pronunciation of "artıq" and I supposed it might be reflecting an original "arttırmaq".

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