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Bonjour !

If someone were about to go to the cinema to watch a movie, could you say "Bon film !" in this situation? (as in, enjoy the movie!)
(I've heard "Bon visionnement" before. Is this only used in Canadian French or is it used in European French as well?)
Merci d'avance !
  • ScrapPaper

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    I haven't heard "Bon visionnement" in Montreal; it sounds more European to me.

    "Bon cinéma" is what I'd say — but I'm not a native speaker.


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    français (France)
    Automatiquement je dirais "bon film !". "Bon visionnement" fait moins naturel je trouve, je l'ai entendu qu'une seule fois d'ailleurs (à moins que la femme ait dit "bon visionnage" ?)

    "Bon ciné(ma)" ne fonctionne pas ici, le cinéma étant seulement le bâtiment en question (et pas le film)...


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    French (Provence)
    "bon film" is indeed what comes to mind, in the sense that it's what is most likely to be said. I've been thinking about different ways to translate "enjoy" and in this case, if I knew the movie and I thought it's good I would say "régale toi" "régalez vous"