<enlarge / extend / widen / broaden> the sale


Due to the large number of requests we have received, we are going to ______ the sale of our new product to the end of the month.

A) enlarge
B) extend
C) widen
D) broaden

Hi. The correct answer to this question is B. But when I looked up the other words in dictionary, I thought that they all are pretty much the same thing. Are the other words "literally" mean increase in size and the word "extend" doesn't? I don't get it. Waiting for your answers.

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    "Enlarge" is to make bigger.
    "Broaden" and "widen" mean to make something wider which is to enlarge but only in one direction - width. It's not clear what it would mean to make the sale wider - perhaps to sell it in more places or to include more items in the special pricing.
    "Extend" means to make something longer which is to enlarge but only in one direction - length. The sale will last longer if it is extended to the end of the month.
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