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    attention - any linguisticticlly curious people in the U.S.
    The phrase, "enough already" joins the group of strange American phrases like "dissing" that baffle older parents on this side of the Atlantic (UK & IRL). In our English, it is more indicative of having reached a desired stage sooner than expected rather than its intended meaning - something like "okay Dad, shut up!" Has the phrase derived from a straight translation of the Spanish, "basta ya!"

    Your thoughts please....
  2. mateitop

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    UK, English
    Hmmm interesting etymological possibility...
    Could well be a Spanglishism from Hispanic -> US immigrants... Seems likely.
  3. Biker

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    SPAIN - Native Spanish
    I would translate it as follows as well:

    - Ya está bien!
    - Es suficiente!

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