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    In a sentence from a doormat advert I have recently come across, the product is commended as being thin & not cumbersome as coir (hindistan cevizi lifi) doormats are. The slogan/logo of the advert is :- ENOUGH TO WIPE YOUR FEET WHEN YOU GO IN. How would this go into Turkish, keeping the brevity of the English?
  2. ketcapov Member

    It can be : İçeriği girdiğinizde ayaklarınızı temizlemeye yeterli. But I am not sure.
  3. Guner

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    If you have to keep the brevity:

    İçeri girerken ayağınızı/ayaklarınızı silmeye yeterli.
    İçeri girerken ayağınızı/ayaklarınızı silmek için yeterli.
  4. rupertbrooke Senior Member

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    Thanks very much, ketcapov & Guner. Both translations suit me fine. I wasn't sure if yeterli took the infinitive with için or the gerund but both translations use the gerund in -me & Guner's second example also uses için so it seems that both can be used interchangeably. If you said 'strong enough to wipe your feet', I presume you'd use silmeye /silmek için sağlam kadar not yeterli.
  5. Guner

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    Well first of all, "kadar" in your last translation is not necessary and cannot be used to translate enough in this case.
    Also, I assumed "enough to wipe your feet" did mean "strong or good enough to wipe your feet".
    Logically I cannot see much of a difference between strong enough/good enough/just enough.

    If you would like to say it is "more than enough" though then you'd say:
    "İçeri girerken ayağınızı/ayaklarınızı silmeye yeter de artar (bile)." (bile) is optional.
    And if I was making this a slogan rather than a pedantic translation effort, I'd say"
    "Ayağınızı silmeye yeter !"
    Hope this helps...

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