Enriched English (subject)


Spain (Catalan & Spanish)
Hello everyone,

Any idea of how to translate Enriched English as the name of a subject at school?

Thanks you all!
  • It was a dialogue in a film, where the girl realizes she needed the Enriched English credit to get into Arts School.
    Okay, thanks for the context, but I meant to ask about the class. Is it some kind of "advanced" English? There are all kinds of different programs, so I guess it'd be difficult to pinpoint one of them just based on the name. For example, in high-school here in the USA some kids have "AP (Advanced Placement) English," or "Language Arts," or "Creative Writing," or other advanced English classes.

    No more details are given, the context was what I mentioned, it is a credit needed to get into arts school.
    So, is it an advanced class of English? For native English speakers? Any suggestion on how to translate it?
    Check this website. It gives some input about what enriched english is. It seems it's more than advance English, as some analysis and critical aspects are involved. It's not only about grammar, pronounciation and vocabulary, but also literature and composition. Being fluent in a language (native or not) does not necessarily means to have some knowledge of other areas or being able to express our opinions and analyzed others.

    However I can't think of any transation into Spanish...
    According to what danielfranco and Hausa have said, and taking into account that it belongs to a film, I would simply translate is as "Inglés/Clases de inglés" or something similar. If it would be only written (you would have more space to use than in a audio script) maybe a would use "Lengua y literatura inglesa". Good luck!