ensayo de la sección

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  1. alaitz_82 Banned

    "Ensayo de la sección" its a test through which a piEce of material, a tube is chopped and afterwards it taken to make it tests into a laboratory.

    Hope you can help me to translate it ;-) ;)

    Original sentence: "Poner los medios necesarios en cada caso para evitar el acceso de personal no autorizado a los equipos de inspección, medición o ensayo de la sección."

    My try: - Using the neccesary means at each case to prevent no authorized staff from accessing the inspection, measuring or section/piece test machines

    THANK YOU!!! Thank you!!!
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  2. katlpablo

    katlpablo Senior Member

    section cut test?
  3. alaitz_82 Banned

    It could be, it sounds good but there must be a term for saying it, maybe it's yours ;-) Thank you.

    What about "section cutting test" ?
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  4. alaitz_82 Banned

    Shoul I use "cutting" instead "cut"? Thank you.
  5. alaitz_82 Banned

    What's the difference between "cut" and "cutting" ? :confused:
  6. Sleptikal

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    Test section.

    No hay para que complicarse tanto.
  7. alaitz_82 Banned

    Eso no tiene sentido.
  8. Sleptikal

    Sleptikal Senior Member

    Español — Chileno
    Ah, verdad, leí mal.
    Creo que sirve lo que te dicen.
  9. alaitz_82 Banned

    Ok! No pasa nada. ;)

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