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I've been conducting research via questionnaires to find out the opinions of teachers on the school reforms in France.

I'm not entirely sure what the teacher means in the last part of her response:

Quels sont, d’après vous, les aspects positifs et négatifs de ce projet de réforme ?

Aspects négatifs : perte d'heures, perte des sections, enseignement « à la carte où domine le souci de faire des économies budgétaires.

What is enseignement a la carte and how does it affect the economical budget?

  • August2008

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    Hi Kkyc1,

    As I understand it, the "enseignement à la carte" means that several course subjects are proposed (possibly for the pupil to choose by himself, but not necessarily) but without a general coherence in the teaching.

    As a consequence, I can't see a link with the economical budget allocated to teaching. I would say that the answer is too short and that the final sentence reflects in fact two ideas:
    - no coherence in the program due to a too high variety and a "pick yourself" system
    - too limited budget for the assignment of teaching.

    Hope I could help! :)

    In French "l'enseignement à la carte", means that the pupils can choose which subject they what to study. So each pupils do his own choice and all the pupils of the sameyear don't have the same subjects.

    I don't know how it influences the budget.

    i hope it helps,




    Thank you both very much! One of the reforms of education was to change the structure of teaching and the subjects so that ties in with your explanation that students can choose which subjects they want.

    The rest of the responses of this teacher show that she felt the minister of education was changing the education system in order to save money so maybe that's how it links but I'm not 100% sure on that.

    Thanks for your help!
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