Enseignement du Second Degré

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  1. Broff Senior Member

    Is Baccalauréat de l'Enseignement du Second Degré the equivalent to a High School Diploma or is like a secondary school-leaving exam?
  2. Fredb Member

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    Hi there,

    Enseignement du second degre means college up to bachelor degree.
    Bachalaureat is High school graduation but does not mean in French enseignement du second degre.
    It is called "le secondaire" or "lycee".
    Maybe is the term "secondaire" where your confusion came from.

  3. Broff Senior Member

    Thank you Fredb,

    So, what you are saying is that a Baccalauréat de l'Enseignement du Second Degré is the equivalent of the a University Bachelor Degree?
  4. Fredb Member

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    France, French

    No, actually, I've never heard of this expression before.
    Baccaleureat is for High school.
    Enseignement du second degre is university up to bachelor.

    The only thing I could eventually understand is that you passed an adult baccalaureat: meaning you did not graduate from French high school but later on at the university you followed a special course to get it.

    Does it make sense to you?

    In France once you are an "adult" (eventually worked etc. but do not have you baccalaureat) and want to get it, you do not go back to high school with dummy teenagers. You actually take a special course for adult at university.
  5. Broff Senior Member

    Thank you FredB,

    So it would be an equivalent of a High School Diploma, via the Adult Education system? It was for a translation I was doing of a diploma obtained in Cote D'Ivoire if that helps.
  6. marcolo

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    Baccalauréat = High School Degree

    The additional words "de l'Enseignement du Second Degré" are completely redundant, if you have the "baccalaureat", it is of course after "enseignement de
    second degré".

    Diplôme de Licence en université = Bachelor University Degree

    In France (and other african countries), we have the following hierarchy :

    - Enseignement du Premier Degré (Ecole primaire) = Elementary School of USA (1st to fifth grade)

    - Enseignement du Second Degré (Collège puis lycée) = Middle School and High School of USA (6th to 12th grade)

    - Enseignement du Troisième Degré = University (Bachelor and Master)

    So there is no "Adult education system" involved here, it is a classical High School Diploma.
  7. Fredb Member

    Hong Kong
    France, French
    Thank you Marcolo, this clarifies everything.
    Sorry Boff to have assumed things were more complicated than they actually are.
    I confused second cycle et second degre!
  8. Broff Senior Member

    Thank you FredB and Marcolo, all those titles get to be confusing! What makes sense in one country is something different in another!:mad:

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