enslave a strong black brother up from the ghetto


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From TV series<American Crime Story>,

Chris - You don't think a black prosecutor contributes to the black community?
A reporter - How? By helping the racist LAPD enslave a strong black brother(OJ. Simpson) up from the ghetto?

My question is: Is the reporter saying that a strong balck brother works his way up from the ghetto or that LAPD enslaves a black brother up?
I hope you understand my question. Basically, is enslave up a phrase?
Thank you.
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    Hi, JT. "Enslave up" is not a phrase. This is short for "enslave a strong black brother who has made his way up from the ghetto."


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    It's the first of those, Juri:
    subject: the racist LAPD
    verb: enslave
    object: a strong black brother ...
    complement: ... [who is] up from the ghetto

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    No, it means that the move from the ghetto was "up". I suspect "up" here refers to some kind of social advancement: OJ Simpson had risen to a more respected, or more influential, or wealthier position than he had occupied in the "ghetto".
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