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    These are instructions for travel guides on what to do if children under their supervision are threatened:

    "If children are faced with the threat of violence or abuse, the head office and the agent must be notified immediately.
    The ensuing action is agreed upon together with the head office staff."

    I would need a better term to replace "ensuing action," i.e. the next steps, but something less colloquial.

  2. gasman Senior Member

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    I can't think of a phrase that could more readily described as "not colloquial" than "ensuing action". It is somewhat stiff, but does get its meaning across. It is exact and succinct. Anything more colloquial would take up more space and possibly not be as explicit.
  3. "resulting action"; "necessary action" and "consequential action" would all fit.
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    I would say "the subsequent action".
  5. Nunty

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    I like GWB's "subsequent action". A little less stiffly, but also a bit wordier and less elegant, would be "measures to be taken".
  6. herut Senior Member

    Good suggestions, thank you everyone.
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