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This is about conducting on-site inspections for investigation purposes.

Amendes à recevoir

300 € par jour entamé d'inspection du site

In other words, as soon as site inspection is begun (entamé), one is charged 300 euros, no matter how long they spend inspecting that site for a given day, Just starting it warrants a fine of 300 euros.

330 euros for each day site inspection work is begun

I'd appreciate any feedback.:)
  • Tresley

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    Hello Icetrance,

    Yes, I have the impression that this means:

    '€300 per day from the start of the site inspection'

    I hope this helps.

    Please note that we put the 'euro sign' in front of the value in the English-speaking world.


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    C'est le "jour" qui est "entamé" sinon cela serait "entamée".

    Oui, je le sais.

    each day inspection work is begun (more literally, "each day started to do inspection work", which sounds horribly awkward in English).

    The idea is that should inspection work be conducted on a given day, you will be fined that amount, regardless of the time spent on inspection (full day, partial day, or just one hour)
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