"Enter" and "AS" - Enter the password as "AAA"

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Casey Oda

New Member
1. Enter the password as "AAA".
2. Enter "AAA" as the password.
3. Enter the password field as "AAA".
4. Enter "AAA" in the password field.

Can you advise which sentences are correct and which are not?
  • entangledbank

    Senior Member
    English - South-East England
    'As' is more for the format, not a specific value. For example, enter your name as all capitals with no punctuation. So Casey Oda would be entered as CASEYODA

    Uncle Jack

    Senior Member
    British English
    #2 works for me. I think it is what I would usually say.
    #3 is the only one I think is wrong.
    #4 is fine. The Newt's improved #1 is good as well, but your original #1 isn't wrong to me.

    Casey Oda

    New Member
    Thank you very much, all!
    Now I understand as follows:
    #1 Correct but unnatural
    #2 Correct
    #3 Incorrect
    #4 Correct


    Senior Member
    USA English
    Unfortunately, the OP has given us no context whatsoever.

    We don't know whether the program is providing the password for the user or trying to give an example of how to enter whatever password has been assigned.:confused::confused:

    Either way, the possible ambiguity of including the quote marks in the field is a problem.
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