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The security forces stopped the leader from entering the state as they fear he may farther create tension.

In this sentence,

Can I use " stopped the leader from going into the state"

Thousands of people try to enter the state illegally every year.

Can I say,

Thousands of people try to go into/go inside the state illegally every year.
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    "Go inside" doesn't work here. "Inside" can only apply to an enclosed structure (usually) with a roof and walls, which a state doesn't have.
    With "go" you have the issue of deciding whether you really mean "go" or "come". If the writer/speaker is writing/speaking from inside the state, or closely identifies with that state (although he may be physically located somewhere else), he will say "come into" not "go into".
    "Enter" is higher style, so would be more suitable for writing. But you haven't given context, in other words in what circumstances this statement is being made - who is making it, is at a newspaper article, is it a spoken utterance, etc.
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