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Hi everyone,

There is a questionnaire and one question asks for multiple names (of people who were part of a survey).

Is there a more natural way of saying "the respondent only entered one name (rather than several, as required) in response to question 15"? Something shorter, perhaps? I suppose you can't say "only entered one name at question 15".

Thanks in advance. :)
  • suzi br

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    It's for a survey where you have to answer various questions about interviews conducted with various people about a given topic (shopping experiences and such).
    Confusing, you probably do not mean survey there, but you are doing a test or something that requires you to comment on the data that you have got (which ARE the actual survey results).

    With ref to your OP I would stick with the wordy option, there is no need to shorten it and you avoid any ambiguity by writing it out fully.
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