entidad contable

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The translator who was here before me translated "entidad contable" with "entity." I will not accept that. Simply because I really believe it to be wrong. Entity means smt. like totality or smt. whole in Engl. In Span., though, it means, to the best of my knowledge, a "company," a "concern," and so on. I want to change it but they won't let me (incredible, incredible, incredible!!!!!!!) because "it's a lot of work," as they go. I feel in VERY twosome twiminds about this. I want to insist. Am I right in my translation?
  • And what about to translate it as "unidad"= unit. Its possible to translate it as a quantity?

    Saludos. Please, correct me.
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    Who is "they"? Not WR, I don't think... their first definition for "entidad" is "organization", which is very much like "company".

    Also, "entity" in English means "being" or something that exists. Science fiction often uses it to describe something not from this world (an alien). "Entirety" means totality or wholeness.

    I think entity in English is closer to being or existence. A better translation and perhaps more common is 'body' eg. the governing body etc.
    I'm assuming there's no more context! was entity all that was put to translate entidad contable?

    This is what free dictionary says:

    en·ti·ty (
    n. pl. en·ti·ties 1. Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit: Persons and corporations are equivalent entities under the law.
    2. The fact of existence; being.
    3. The existence of something considered apart from its properties.
    "Entidad" se refiere a una persona, animal, objeto u organización que es distinguible de las demás. Esto es muy relativo, porque una silla es una entidad, pero cada pata de la silla también lo puede ser. Si hablamos de sillas en una tienda de muebles, las patas no son entidades porque forman parte de la silla, pero si hablamos de piezas en una carpinería, las patas sí son entidades.

    Supongo que al hablar de "entidad contable" se refiere a una compañía o una parte de una compañía que es "entidad" desde el punto de vista de la contabilidad, es decir, que tiene que presentar una contabilidad oficial. En España, creo que este concepto podría ser una "sociedad" = "organization" ¿no?
    Good morning for everybody....

    I´m not accountant but i would like to contribute with two spanish terms, well, an accounting definition and a term from WR dictionary...after reading both, i understand Annette is right but the former translator maybe too.

    What do you think about this, Annette???:)

    'Principio de entidad contable.
    Constituye entidad contable todo ente con personalidad jurídica y Presupuesto propio, que deba formar y rendir cuentas. Cuando las estructuras organizativas y las necesidades de gestión e información lo requieran podrán crearse subentidades cuyo sistema contable esté debidamente coordinado con el sistema central.'

    ente m
    1 (ser) being
    2 (organismo, colectividad) body, entity
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