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I need to translate this and I'm not sure of where to put the "then" in the sentence or whether to use it at all:

...y la, entonces, clandestina organización...

Would I say: "...and the, back then, clandestine organization..."

or: "... and the organization, in those days clandestine..."

Please correct me.

Thankyou :)
  • JimTheDim

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    You could say "... the previously clandestine organisation ..."

    First of your examples is acceptable english you just wouldn't say it I think.
    The Second example:
    "... and the organization, in those days clandestine..."

    should have a comma after clandestine because that part of the sentence does not have to be read at all for the sentence to make sense.

    P.S. I have not translated the Spanish but taken your two examples of english to come up with my suggestion. Plus I always answer questions as though I were going to speak the sentence. So my answer is more of a spoken answer since your two examples can be spoken but I'm not sure many people would say it like that.