entrée (vocale - musique)


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Sons recueil de Madrigaux qui sont à considérer comme des canons allant de 4 à 10 entrées

How do we say here "entrée" in English? Just "Entry"?

Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, music. I don't really understand what it means here exactly "entrées".
    Maybe it's like we say " "entrées des voix canoniques"?
    But how do we say "entrée" in English?
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    I don't think we'd use the very modern term "backing vocal relays" in the context of (Renaissance/Baroque) madrigals! ;)

    In music theory, the word to refer to the different parts/lines in a canon is "voices." That's definitely the term I'd use here.
    No, because the "round" is the entire musical piece, not an individual part/voice. (The round is a particular sub-category of canon, one that has a comparatively simple form.)