Entre pairos y derivas

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    I am trying to make a kind of translation of the song "Entre pairos y derivas" by Fernando Delgadillo. It is a very poetic song, and I know it will be almost impossible to make a translation. But I like the song so much already without knowing the exact lyrics. I would really like to know more about the literal meaning of the text and perhaps also about the metaphors.

    About the title I already found this:

    cuando se esta en "pairos",significa que el la nave maritima esta con todas las velas destendidas, pero no estan amarradas, por lo que cuando el aire les da, las levanta pero no mueve la nave, por que no se acumula el aire en las mismas para poder mover el velero. "derivas": estar a la deriva, es tener las velas destendidas y amarradas, de tal modo que la nave se mueve en la direccion que el viento mande.

    This still doesn't show what the english translation of the title is, but to me it does make clear the meaning of it.

    I read that it is no allowed to post complete song lyrics here, so I only post the first four lines. The rest can easily be found on internet, or I can post it later. Any comment is very welcome. And I hope that maybe after this post more people will enjoy this great song (and this great artist with many more fantastic songs)

    Thanks in advance,


    First four lines of:
    Entre Pairos y derivas - Fernando Delgadillo:

    Te he venido suponiendo
    en todos los días que me faltan
    tal cual si, pudiera verlos
    como son.

    Sólo quiero resumirte
    que al principio te pensaba
    y que hoy contemplo en ti
    la costa a donde voy.

    Si te cuento que esta unión
    de dulce y sal me sujetó
    y otras cosas parecidas
    que me envuelven y me dan
    de imaginar.

    Es que me deleito tanto
    escuchándome inventarte
    en mi prisión
    es mi sueño preferido y
    no quisiera un día notar
    que este encuentro
    no me sucedió jamás
  2. vino123 New Member

    Dutch, Netherlands
    This is my first shot to literally translate the first four lines. I often wasn't able to make proper english sentences from it. And I still do not realy understand the meaning of some parts. Hope someone can help me.

    I have come to assume you
    in every day that is missing ,
    such as if, I could see them as they are.

    I only want to summarize you
    that in the beginning I thought of you
    and that today I contemplate you
    the coast where I go.

    If I tell you that this unity of sweet and salt holds me,
    and other similar things that enclose me,
    and that let me imagine.

    It is that I enjoy so much
    hearing me fantasizing you in my prison,
    it is my favorite dream
    and I wouldn't want to note some day
    that this encounter will never happen to me again.
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    Hey vino!

    I was actually working on a translation of this for a friend - who I also wanted to share this beautiful song with - when I came across your post. The explanation of "pairos" and "derivas," like you have shown, is quite lengthy, so for simplicity sake I used "Between Docked and Drifting," even though "docked" doesn't give the sense of anticipation that "estar en pairos" has.

    Here's the translation I've done for the first four stanzas. Similar to yours, with a little poetic license to make the translation accessible to my friend I'm giving it to.

    I’ve come to you assuming
    in all the days that I’m missing,
    just like that, I could see them
    for what they are

    I just want to sum up for you
    that at the beginning I thought of you
    and now I consider you
    the coast to which I’m heading

    If I tell you that this union
    Of sweet and salt restrainedme,
    And other similar things
    That surround me and make
    Me imagine

    The thing is I enjoy so much
    Listening to myself invent you
    In my prison
    It’s my favorite dream and
    I didn’t want to realize one day
    That this encounter
    Would never happen to me again
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    México, Español
    I love Fernando Delgadillo songs.
    Where are you from? Where did you hear about Delgadillo?

  5. CasiPerfecta Senior Member

    USA - IN
    USA - EN
    I am from the US, originally, but I have lived in Spain for 4 years. One of my best friends here is from DF, though, and she introduced me to his music.

    How would you suggest translating the phrase "entre pairos and derivas," cotorro?
  6. vino123 New Member

    Dutch, Netherlands
    Hi CasiPerfecta,

    Thanks a lot! Your translation makes a lot more sense ;-) I almost just wrote what the dictionary said. Especially the first verse was very difficult. But now you made me curious. Did you finish the translation for your friend? And could you share the rest of the song with me as well? I post the rest of the lyrics in spanish below. I think the further in the song, the more sailing metaphors he uses, very nice. But there are still some parts thet I do not really understand...

    By the way, wouldn't "between sailing and drifting" be closer to the meaning of "Entre pairos y derivas"?

    I actually first heard about Fernando Delgadillo on YouTube. I already was a fan of Silvio Rodriguez, and I was watching video's of him on YouTube, and on some playlist there was the song "Hoy ten miedo de mi". An when I heard it I like it a lot right away, and looked for more. I am from Holland, but I spent five months in south america for an internship, so that's how ;-) So if you want to see some video's of Fernando, search for him on YouTube. (and select the video's of himself, not people trying to imitate him ;-) )

    Here are the remainign lyrics:

    A mí que vuelvo a amanecer
    para tu aliento, muchas más veces
    de las que hubiera confesado ayer.
    Que despido al sol poniente
    cuando he contemplado el siempre
    de tus ojos y por fin comienzo a ver.

    Que estoy dejando de callar que te amo
    que me detienes la respiración
    que atraen mi vida tus puertos tiranos
    a donde siempre apuntó mi amante embarcación.

    Mi existencia el pescador
    que a diario le tendió a la vida
    sus resplandecientes redes de ultramar
    donde arde el astro poeta
    que se ilumina a sí mismo
    y viaja y sueña en su eterna senda solar
    lugar de brisa, oleaje y días añiles
    que siempre estaban conduciendo a ti.
    Que siempre fueron signos invisibles
    cursos intrazables a través de mí.

    Toma el timón de mi barca
    y el oriente de mis velas.
    en tu tierra firme dame una señal
    se mi faro por las noches
    déjame arar con mi quilla en tus arenas
    remontar tu manantial.

    Si aguas adentro en tus labios me pierdo y
    no me es posible llegar a volver.
    Me internaré en tus senderos secretos
    a explorar tus fuentes, tus selvas tu sed.

    Entre Pairos y derivas
    por los mares de mi vida
    hoy me veo siempre bogando a ti.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. inhumanyuyin New Member

    To me that I dawn again
    for your breath, many more times
    the ones I’d have confessed yesterday.
    That I say goodbye to the dusk
    when I’ve contemplated the forever
    of your eyes, and I have finally begun to see.

    That I’ve been stopping to keep myself that I love you.
    That you hold my breath.
    that my life is attracted towards your tyrannical harbors
    where my loved embarkation always pointed out.

    My existence the fisherman
    who daily spread to the life
    his gleaming overseas’ nets.
    Where the poet star burns,
    illuminating himself,
    and travels and dreams in his everlasting solar path.
    Place of indigo breeze, swells and days,
    that were always driving me towards you.
    That always were invisible signs,
    courses impossible to cross through me.

    Take the helm of my ship
    and the guide of my canvas.
    From your firm land give me a sign.
    Be my lighthouse in the nights,
    let me plow in your sands with my keel,
    go upriver your spring.

    In the high seas I get lost in your lips, and
    it is impossible for me to return.
    I will go deep into your secret paths
    to explore your fountains, your jungles, your thirst.

    Between pairos (?) and drifts
    through the seas of my life
    today I see myself always
    rowing towards you.

    This is my favorite song. I'm from México and once went to one of his concerts, it was so beautiful. I cried when he sung this song. It was hard to translate and it lost the meaning of the song, but I will be eager to help you understand the metaphors of the song.

    Delgadillo is my favorite singer. I love most of his songs. He is such a grat singer, yet you should listen him when he is reciting his poems.

    He is also very comic. I laughed a lot in his concert.
  8. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Entre pairos y derivas [no llego a ninguna parte].

    Estar al pairo: To lie to (remain motionless while facing the wind on a sailboat).
    Deriva: Drift on a boat (due to currents and wind).

    Between being becalmed and adrift [I don't get anywhere].

    (I changed "to lie to" for "becalmed" for lyrical reasons. Both involve not moving.)

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