entre Renaissance et Impressionnisme


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Hi, I'm translating this sentence:

Le Salon de thé de la fondation Bemberg vous ouvre les portes du plus bel hôtel particulier toulousain, entre Renaissance et Impressionnisme

so far, I have:
the Bemberg foundation’s tearoom opens its doors to you in Toulouse’s most beautiful mansion

But i haven't quite understood the meaning of entre Renaissance et Impressionnisme. Is it that visitors are literally sitting among works of art of that style or something else?
And would it be the Bemberg foundation's tearoom? Or, the Bemberg foundation tearoom? Grammatically I guess it would be the former but the latter sounds more natural to me.

It's driving me mad!
  • fairybell

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    I would go with the Bemberg Foundation's tearoom (and capitalise the f), for no other reason than it sounds right! i interpreted enre Renaissance et Impressionisme as meaning that thats when either the hotel or the tearoom (or both) were built, reflecting a mix of both styles