Entrenched interests

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  • pokl.zhou

    Sorry, :(, I saw it on a paper book and can't find the exact sentence anymore.
    The book at that point is talking about bureaucracy, introducing a topic by posing the question of if bureaucracy only serves entrenched interests.


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    "entrenched interests" refers to people who benefit from maintaining the current status quo and for that purpose usually get their way.


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    Some differences reflect big issues -how medical trials for drugs should be run,for example. Others look more like a shelter for entrenched interests.

    From 'The Economist' December 2012-January 2013


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    Hello everyone,

    From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

    It would be easy to simply classify (and possibly dismiss) the Itasca Project as just another well-intentioned group of civic-minded individuals. It is anything but. In fact, I would suggest that Itasca could be a model of how dialogue and community building happen in the age of accelerations—between businesses, governments, and key civic players. It is living by Mother Nature’s killer apps—nimble, hybrid, heterodox, diverse, fact-based—unbound by partisan ideologies or other entrenched interests.

    Would it be correct to say that entrenched interests implies interests of well-established (i.e. etrenched) influential groups?

    Thank you.
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