entretenir la flamme sacrée

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    Here's the passage I'm trying to read:

    --Allons, allons, dis-je. Je sais que ce n'est plus la joie des premiers jours et que le coeur n'y est plus, mais il faut savoir entretenir la flamme sacrée.

    I am having trouble understanding what the last clause of this sentence means. I read it as "I know that it isn't the joy it was at first and that your heart is not in it, but it is necessary to know to maintain the sacred flame."

    Is this an idiom? I don't understand what it's trying to say.

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  2. xmarabout

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    It is an idiom to speak about the enthousiasm.
    After a few days, it is difficult to keep the enthousiasm of the beginning
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    Thank you so much! It makes total sense now.
  4. Viobi

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    an idiom in French, by the way, would be either "le feu sacré" or "la flamme", but not a mix!

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