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Health screening (triage) for serious medical conditions and referral to a nearby public hospital.
Assessments of nutrition status; screening for acute malnutrition, where indicated (please refer to the Entry on nutrition in transit centres).
What does "entry" mean here please?
Source: Site planning for transit centres
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    You seem to be reading a guide of some sort for planning transit centers. There is probably a section about "nutrition in transit centres" - that section would be referred to as an "entry", just as each word in a dictionary has an "entry" - in that case the definition etc. Perhaps there is an index at the back of your guide, or a "Table of contents" at the front. These will list the "entries"

    From the entry in the WRF dictionary for entry

    a statement, item, word, etc., entered or recorded in a book, register, list, or account:[countable]The entries in her diary described every day she spent on her trip.
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