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  1. Gavril Senior Member

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    Both entwickeln and entstehen seem to be translated as "develop" (among other meanings). Is there a difference of meaning between the two?

    E.g., would it make sense to say

    Urgermanisches *ei hat in den meisten germanischen Sprachen zu *i: entwickelt/entsteht.
    In der schwedischen Sprache hat die Vokal ö aus (u.a.) früher *au entwickelt/entsteht.

  2. Liam Lew's Senior Member

    Hi Gavril, I think there is a big difference between these two terms. I think the word "entwickeln" can be translated as develop. The word refers to a progress of something. But the word "entsteht" implies first the meaning of arise/grow and then the meaning of develop. So the word "entstehen" should be translated as arise in most cases. The word "entstehen" always refers to something that haven't been there before and starts to build up/grow up/arise.
    So, in both of your sentences "entwickelt" is correct, because the "ei" and the "au" have been there before and than developed to "ö" and "i". This is a transformation and that's the reason for why we use "entwickeln" in this case. They haven't built up from nothing.
  3. Demiurg

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    Regarding your examples:

    Urgermanisches *ei hat sich in den meisten germanischen Sprachen zu *i: entwickelt.

    In der schwedischen Sprache hat sich der Vokal ö (u.a.) aus (dem früheren) *au entwickelt.
    In der schwedischen Sprache ist der Vokal ö (u.a.) aus (dem früheren) *au entstanden.
  4. Liam Lew's Senior Member

    Thank you Demiurg you're right. I noticed that the use of "entstanden" is also possible in the second sentence, but requires to reshape the sentence. The word "entstanden aus" is also possible to explain transformations from one to another thing. The use of the two verbs "endstanden" and "entwickelt" also depends on other verbs. The word "entstanden" usually stands with "ist". Ist entstanden.
    And the word "entwickeln" usually stands with "hat". Hat sich entwickelt. The "sich" is also important.

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