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    Hi there,

    Please let me know the difference between "Enunciation" and "Pronunciation." Which one is more accurate when I talk about English consonant? For example, if I say, "I'd like to practice to more produce consonant in English so that I will get a better enunciation/pronunciation in English words."

    Thank you for your help!
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    Pronunciation is a general term for the way a word is spoken. Enunciation is pronouncing a word clearly.

    If you want to reduce your accent, then you want to change your pronunciation. If you want to make make your speech clearer and easier to understand, you want to enunciate better.

    When people speak (particularly in American English, but this applies to most languages), they don't pronounce words exactly as they would appear in a dictionary but instead pronounce them in a more relaxed manner. When you enunciate, your speech more closely resembles (or exaggerates) the 'ideal' pronunciation.
  3. bmaria81 New Member

    It really makes sense. Thank you so much for letting me know, dwipper!

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