environmental chopping block

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Puellam audiam

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Taiwanese, Mandarin
Hi, everyone!:)

Not fully understand the following paragraph, and need your clarification:

So when a report surfaced in December that European Union health regulators had placed wood-oven pizza on the environmental chopping block, Italy gave their EU members a collective holler of "hands off!"

What is environmental chopping block, and why "hands off"?

Thanks for your attention!
  • Thomas Tompion

    Senior Member
    English - England
    It means that the health regulators said the pizzas were unhealthy or bad for the environment and should be banned (have their heads cut off!). The Italians were not happy about this and told the other members of the EU to leave the pizze alone.

    The chopping block is where things get cut, either in the kitchen (thank you Puellam), or, in medieval times when they wanted to remove your head.

    Hands off means don't touch.
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