Environmental deafness


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Please, how can I translate the following?

Environmental deafness is deafness conditioned by the environment: a person with good hearing may be deaf when background noise is present.

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    Hi seitt,

    this is my loose attempt at it:

    Περιβαλλοντική βαρηκοΐα* ονομάζεται η βαρηκοΐα που εξαρτάται άμεσα** από το περιβάλλον. Ένα άτομο με καλή ακοή μπορεί/ενδέχεται να είναι βαρήκοο* σε περιβάλλον με θορυβώδη περίγυρο.

    *I chose these terms rather than the literal κώφωση/κωφό because sometimes the latter are taken to mean totally deaf.
    ** If there's a better choice of a word/s that can be used to translate "conditioned" in the sense above I'd love to know it.
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