Environmental politics and environmental policy


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Hello all,
I am looking to translate the terms "environmental politics" and "environmental policy." I am writing an email to the coordinator of a study-abroad program in Senegal. I currently study in the US.

My course of study is called "Environmental Politics and Policy." Here, "environmental policy" refers to specific laws, court cases, and rules that governments have enacted relating to the environment. "Environmental politics" is more general; it includes the political struggle over the shape of environmental policy and over who gets access to natural resources.

Is there any accepted way to indicate these two fields of study in French?

[[In US academia, "environmental policy" falls under the public policy category, while "environmental politics" is part of political science.]]

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    environmental politics could be translated by
    "politique [gouvernementale] de l'environnement"

    environmental policy by
    "stratégies d'actions de protection de l'environnement"

    I hope that helps you
    in french we use also rather often écologie instead environnement


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    Would écologie be better than environnement in this case as well?

    Un jour, je voudrais travailler dans le domaine d'écologie/d'environnement.


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    No one has any suggestions regarding the appropriateness of "le domaine d'écologie" versus "le domaine d'environnement"? It seems to me that the first option would be better. :confused: Please advise. Merci.


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    Le domaine de l'environnement and not le domaine d'environnement.
    Ecologie refers to politics or to science. People working for a natural park or as a river guard will use environnement and not ecologie.
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