Environmental scarcity

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    I am currently working on a thesis about the links between water resources and conflicts.
    I find the expression environmental scarcity in much of the academic studies.

    I understand it well, and use it myself in my study, but I am unable to find an appropriate translation in french. I thought about:
    "pénurie environnementale" or "rareté environnementale"

    I don't think it's good engouh for two reasons:
    -it doesn't "sound" right :)
    -I am pretty sure an official, institutional translation (of the United Nations for example) exists, but I can't find it

    Thanks for your help, suggestions and findings!
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    Maybe be with the word LIMITATION
    Something like "Limitation des ressources" if you mean they are limited, or "Rareté des ressources" if you mean they are difficult to find.
  4. Gafilib31 New Member

    Thank you both!
    Your suggestions definetly helped!

    I found some clarifications on the internet ; there are two expressions:
    -"rareté environnementale" is correct but it strictly refers to the theory of a specific author (Homer-Dixon)
    -"rareté des ressources environnementales" is the usual expression designating scarcity of environmental resources in a broader sense.

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