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Good day
I am a French cook. But my mother is English.
When a plate is ready, in France, in certain restaurants, we can shout 'Envoi' to say that the plate should be put "sur le passe".
I haven't found the translation of the term yet (My training is only in French).
"Prêt à l'envoi" is the expression to say it is ready to be brought to the customer.
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    Thank you for your message. As that sense does not yet exist on the French side, I am unable to add a translation for it at the moment. I'll pass this over to our FR base to see if they would like to add it.

    In the meantime, I've never worked in a restaurant, so I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that chefs shout 'Service!' to say the meals are ready to go out. If you would like a more certain answer while awaiting the term being added to the dictionary, I suggest you try asking in the French-English vocabulary forum where there are usually users ready and willing to help out with translations.

    @Lacuzon - ajouter 'Envoi !" comme interjection ?