enzyme:catalyst :: bacterium : microbe

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I would like to ask why there is a parallelism between
enzyme:catalyst and

According to the GRE already solved analogy exercise that includes this parallelism, there is a relation between those pair of words. My first try is:

"X act as Y" because "enzyme acts as a catalyst" in specific biochemical reactions.

But I am wondering why a bacterium should act as a microbe in case this sentence makes sense. It might be posible that I have not made the right sentence to highlight the paralelism I am looking for.

Does anybody have any idea about it?
Thank you very much.
  • liliput

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    I wouldn't say "acts as" is the connection. "Is a type of" would be more appropriate.
    An enzyme is a type of catalyst.
    A bacterium is a type of microbe.
    Whilst an enzyme does "act as" (= perform the function of) a catalyst, a bacteria doesn't "act as" a microbe, it is a microbe.
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