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    I know that if I want to introduce a book to someone and tell them about some pages, I should use "chapter".
    For the serial which are related to each other and contain a whole body, I use "episode".
    But I don't know what word should be used for a TV program which is shown every night but they are not related and each episode contains a different story. Is it still episode?

    I found this somewhere here:
    Series (original meaning): A set of separate stories involving the same principal characters and theme. Each episode is a complete story, with its own plot.
    Serial (now generally called a series): A continuous story, shown in a number of parts (episodes). The main plot runs continuously through successive episodes, for at least a whole season.

    But my question still stands. I want to know the word English people use for some part of a program not the whole 1 hour- program.
  2. PaulQ

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    It is called a part.

    "I was watching a program last night. I enjoyed it except for the part where the man stabbed his friend in the head."
    "I saw that too. I didn't like the program: the part where they were on the mountain seemed to last too long."
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    Tehran; Iran
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    Thanks Paul.
    Then if I want to refer to the whole TV program I watched last night, (which is shown every night, but with a different topic, like a live talk show or stand up comedy or something), should I use " episode"?
    Did you see the last night episode of the ... program?
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    If you describe it as being on last night, then you don't need to use any descriptive noun - Let's say it was a program called "Village Visit" that each week visits a different village and films life there:
    "Did you see the last night's episode of the "Village Visit" program?"

    A: "Did you see "Village Visit" last night?" or "Did you see last night's "Village Visit"?" :tick:
    B: "Yes, it was hysterical! Did you see them trying to catch that camel!"
    A: "I did! Do you remember the one/time about three months ago in when the policeman fell in the river?" -> this is the usual way to say this, however,yes, you can use "episode" but normally we would not as it is a little formal:
    A(i): "I did! Do you remember the episode about three months ago in which the policeman fell in the river? ->

    Episode is used but more usually by the announcers on the TV station: "The next episode of "Village Visit" will be on Tuesday at 7 o'clock."
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    It's still episode, even if the story doesn't continue from one to the next.
  6. eli7

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    Tehran; Iran
    Persian (Farsi)
    Thanks a million both :)

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