Equity status - Unincorporated grouping


Contratto di nolo di una barca, all'interno di una frase trovo due termini che non riesco a tradurre.

The original or a certified copy of the original document under which such Joint Venture, Consortium or unincorporated grouping was entered into. This document must define precisely, inter alia, the legal status of the contracting body, equity status and liability sharing agreements of the partners and the conditions under which the Joint Venture, or the Consortium or the unincorporated grouping shall function, its period of duration and the participation, interest/scope of work of the several partners
Equity Status


Unincorporated grouping (per questo ho trovato:Raggruppamento senza personalità giuridica )

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    "Equity status" vuol dire la distribuzione di "equity" o "quota di capitale" fra i membri del Joint Venture, consotium o grouping.