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    Can "er" replace any type of word similar to the French "en" or "y" like "Je n'en ai pas plus" for "I have none (of something mentioned previously) left anymore" or "Allez-y" for "Go there"? I see "er" replacing single words to large phrases, and am unsure how to use it for this purpose and how much of a phrase to encapsulate if I use it.
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    Yes, "er" can replace any type of word similar to the French "en" or "y", but is not identical to "en" or "y" in every respect.

    Any decent Dutch grammar will treat "er" at length, as this is one of the hardest grammatical elements to master. Probably the most annoying thing about "er" is that it's hardly pronounced in fast speech. Most of the time it'll be reduced to a very brief [ə]. If you don't pay attention, you won't hear it all. Strangely enough, not sounding this very brief [ə] will strike Dutch ears immediately. I'm afraid that trying to master the use of "er" just by listening won't be enough for most learners.

    If you want to know more about "er", use the following search terms in Google: er, presentatief, kwantitatief, locatief, prepositioneel, partitief [or in English: presentative, quantitative, locative, prepositional, partitive].

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