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    About ER pronounciation at the end of a word

    I realize that when a noun has ER at the end of a noun such as Mutter, Kinder, etc. you may pronounce the ER in two different ways then. The first one being Mu-tter and the second one, Mu-tta.

    What I would like to know is that is it the same case with adj and adv? If you add ER at the end of alt, langsam, do people pronounce them as al-ta, lang-sam-a also or only as al-ter,lang-sam-er?

    Thank you
  2. berndf Moderator

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    ER at the end of any word is often pronounced as a shwa sound which sounds like a very short A. But at any rate Mutter is pronuced Mut-ter or Mut-ta, never Mu-tter or Mu-tta.

    This weakening of final Rs also occurs in other situations like nur which is often pronounced nua. This does not occur in case of a final double R: The double R is Narr in never weakened.

    This is quite similar to the weakening of final Rs in British English where bar is pronounced like "bah".

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