er stellte sich vor, er würde schon vom Fernsehen gejagt

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  1. clius New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I have to translate a chapter from a detective story but I am having problems understanding this sentence:
    " Einer der Gejagten sah aus wie Blum (name of the guy), haette er dunklere Haare gehabt, und er stellte sich vor, er
    würde schon vom Fernsehen gejagt"

    Here is my guess:
    "One of the wanted men looked like Blum, if he had had darker hair, and he imagined to be already hunted by the television"

    Does it make sense?

  2. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    Hi, I think, this is ok and makes sense if the phrase works in English.

    Can it also be: he imagined to be already chased by the television ... ?

    You should proof who is "he" in all of the occurences. Grammatically it is a little bit fuzzy in the German sentence while your English sentence makes it clear.
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  3. clius New Member

    than you Hutschi
    I think that that "er" refers always to Blum but I translated it as ambiguos as the german is just to be sure that I am not mistaken

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