Er wollte das Taxi noch kriegen

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    1. "Er wollte das Taxi noch kriegen"
    2. "Wir kriegen dich noch"

    I know the "noch kriegen" part means something like, "to catch/get something in pursuit"

    My question is...what part of speech does the "noch" fall under, and what does it really stand for in the two sentences?

    At first, I thought it was a prefix verb, but I never saw it being stick together with its main verb

    Thank you
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    Perhaps a look at kriegen from the WR dictionary may be of help.

    I don't think it's a trennbare verbe, like abkriegen, if that's what your driving at.

    My attempt at 2. We will get you (yet)!
  3. Hutschi

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    Hi, in 1. "noch" is a particle that indicates that there is only few time left.
    The sentence means: The taxi would not wait for long, he didn't want to be late.

    2. - Here "noch" indicates that it takes effort to catch him and he could always fly but that "wir" expect to catch him, maybe not now.

    "Catch me, if you can."
    "Wait, we will catch you once!"

    But the meaning of "kriegen" depends on context. It may also mean "Wait, we will convince you once!"
    or "Wait, you'll become our customer, once."

    "Noch" is rather different in both sentences, but it indicates a restriction in time in both cases.

    Also the first sentence may depend on context. "Kriegen" is a very general word. It also may mean "someone will sell it to us" or "someone will give it to us as gift." or "someone will lent it to us".

    "Kriegen" is coll. language. The situation clarifies the meaning. A stand-alone sentence can have multiple meanings.
    So could you, please, give more context?
    My first answers showed the usual meaning.

    Can you give context?
    Without context it is not possible to translate it correctly.
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  4. guyper Senior Member

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    Hi. Thanks for the throrough explanation.

    For the 2nd sentence...The good guy is in a car, and he's trying to outrun the bad guys' car that is right behind him, and the bad guys shout, "Wir kriegen dich noch!"

    Edit: My bad
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  5. Hutschi

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    Hi, this context is very important.
    It is a threat. "We will reach/catch you at last/finally".
    It may mean "We will defeat/beat you at last/finally" (Including to possibly kill him.)

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