erase/wipe out all the gains

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  • owlman5

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    I can't read the whole article without subscribing, GM, but the first sentence should be helpful:

    Chinese stocks suffered their worst single-day loss in more than eight years, shining an unwelcome spotlight on the country’s financial condition at a time when its leaders are putting on two big events meant to showcase China’s global standing.

    This should mean that the recent loss in the Chinese stock market eliminated the gains that were posted for Chinese stocks earlier in the year. The stocks are worth less now, and people who thought they were making money from these investments are no better off than they were when they first invested in the stocks. Depending on the size of the loss, the investors may even be worse off than they were when they first bought the stocks.


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    To understand a headline, you often have to read the article.

    to wipe out = to remove, to obliterate, to cancel, to eradicate; to negate completely, etc.
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