eraser rubbish?


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Hi all, how do you call the "stuff" that is left over after you have erased your pencil marks with an eraser?

Thank you! :)
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    The Straight Dope forum offers these: crumbs, dust, droppings, rubberings, blatties, scum.

    On the Fun Trivia forum, you get these: shavings, scum, grit, waste.

    Not particularly liking any of these, I think I'll let my eraser shavings remain anonymous – or I would if I used pencils to make my mistakes, which I don't. I prefer making my mistakes with a keyboard, in which case I call them Backspaces. :)


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    We don't have a special word for it which is universally utilized. I'd say that you can describe it exactly the way you did in your post.
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